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Broadband for your home

The benefits of having Wurzel’s high speed home broadband:

  • Uninterrupted streaming
  • Multi-users all online at once
  • Hard to reach rural areas
  • Fullhouse coverage
  • Fast, friendly reliable service

Uninterrupted streaming

Watch hours of films, box sets, live sport and more without a single glitch with Wurzel’s high speed broadband connection.

It’s nearly 2020, so make the days of ‘buffering’ a thing of the past.

No more b-b-b-broken records, hour long cliff hangers or did he score?!

Multi-users all online at once

It’s more than just users to think of, it’s devices too!

Many of us are expert multi-taskers these days, watching TV and swiping on the iPad. It’s called dual screening – and it’s thirsty!

Chuck in a few more family members going online as well, and suddenly your standard broadband can’t cope.

Wurzel welcomes you all online at once with as many devices as you want. And we can more than cope.

Hard to reach rural areas

Wurzel specialises in connecting properties in areas where mainstream providers simply don’t care to look.

Broadband in the countryside should be for everyone no matter where you are.

Our high tech solutions through fibre or wireless will ensure you get high speed broadband in your property.

Fullhouse coverage

Family time should be at the dinner table, not huddled round the internet router.

Not only will Wurzel get you high speed internet to your home, but it has solutions to push that signal into every inch of every room.

Extra Wifi access points come in especially useful in older properties with thick stone walls and larger premises.

Fast, friendly, reliable service

As a local business, employing local people, we know all to well about the pains of poor rural internet speed over the years. This drives our passion for getting you and everyone else in the countryside up to speed.

It means we take time to understand you and your property’s needs and take pride in educating you on why and what we’ve installed.

What’s more, we love all the other technology that great broadband gives you…
The dream of connecting some of the most advanced homes in the countryside is now a reality!

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