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Rural properties can be especially vulnerable to security breaches.
You can get peace of mind from Wurzel’s security solutions, knowing that your home is safe from real-life and virtual intruders.

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Network Security

In some instances the level of network security required has to be exceptional and completely impenetrable to intruders.
There are a number of solutions and techniques to make your network as secure as it can be, including hidden networks, firewalls, continuous SSID + IP address changes.

It’s shockingly easy for unwanted visitors to access your home network – find out how Wurzel can block them and protect you from threats

Security Cameras

Fast, reliable broadband has helped revolutionise the CCTV world meaning small, discrete, wireless cameras can be positioned throughout your home and property. With footage saved in the cloud and access to real-time footage from your phone, it’s a simple security step to take now.

As well as being one of the most effective intruder deterrents, CCTV also aids in looking after children, pets and coordinating deliveries.

Take the smart choice and install CCTV before the horse has bolted.

Electric Security Gates

Security gates are not only excellent intruder deterrents but can also add value to your property.
With a range of materials and functionality (sensors, timers, remote access), the entrance to your property can become hassle free, secure and stylish.

Make life easier and safer with automated security gates. Contact Wurzel to find out about a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

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