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Home WiFi

Getting broadband to your premises is step one.
Step two is pushing the broadband connection
throughout your house using WiFi so you can
stay connected everywhere.

Managed Internal Network

It can be hard to keep up with all the passwords, configurations and networks in your house. With a managed internal network, you can have all the ‘techy stuff’ managed remotely by Wurzel.
So if your devices are stuck, the routers down or the WiFi password needs changing immediately, you can just give us a call and have it done instantly.

Say goodbye to any tech issues in your home by allowing Wurzel to fix them remotely with a managed internal network. Get in touch to see how it works.

Outdoor WiFi

Spending time in your garden and outdoor spaces can be made even more enjoyable with total outdoor wifi coverage. 
With more and more outdoor smart devices needing connections, such as garage doors, gates, security cameras, lighting and speakers – it’s time to take your WiFi outside.

Listen to your music ‘al fresco’, illuminate the water feature from your phone and open the garage all with your Wurzel Wifi. Contact us to find out more!

WiFi Access Points

Wifi access points create strong internet signal throughout your premises and give you seamless continuity as you move from room to room.
Access points are different to wifi extenders. The former does not compromise the internet performance, the latter does – significantly.

If you want to accommodate multiple users online all at once and have signal all over your premises then wifi access points are the answer. 

Parental Controls

Standard browsing filters only go so far in keeping your children safe online. There’s a number of options that Wurzel provides to protect your children from certain content as well as time online.
You can turn WiFi connections off for certain devices, such as game consoles at set times, block specific users and control mobile devices using your network.

Rest easy by setting the limits of your children’s internet usage and time online. Contact us to get this set up.

Security Gateways

A secure network gateway stops unauthorised and unsecure traffic from entering your network.
If you need a super-secure network at your home or office then Wurzel can deliver this. Features include masking WiFi networks, automated password changes and suspicious activity diagnosis.

Stop virtual intruders in your home now. Speak to wurzel.

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