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About us

Wurzel is a local business based in the Cotswolds. We pride ourself on excellent, friendly and fast service.

We are a long-established, private broadband provider and installer of connected home & business solutions. The Wurzel network was built around the broadband needs of rural homes, estates and businesses in the Cotswolds and beyond.

Importantly, we have no reliance on the services of telecom giants.

Mission: We give rural communities the broadband speeds they deserve and offer a range of high tech connected services to enhance living and working

Why Wurzel

With Wurzel, not only will you receive some of the fastest broadband speeds available in the countryside, but also:

  • Personal, friendly service with no overseas call centres and endless call holding music
  • Fast installation and support – no time wasting
  • Bespoke solutions that suit the needs that we talk over with you
  • Expert installers of connected home and office tech reducing the needs and cost of lots of suppliers
  • Specialists in bringing superfast broadband to hard to reach areas of the countryside

Who are our customers?





How it works

Wurzel is an ISP (internet service provider) and owns access to the world wide web. Our job is to connect you to our network that runs on high speed fibre and wireless connections. This removes the reliance on outdated, painfully slow copper wires or to those new fibre cables that don’t quite reach your premises.

If there is no fibre cable nearby then we will direct our internet signal to a small antenae on your premises to receive superfast broadband wirelessly (this is especially good for remote properties).

In instances where we do not have line of sight from one of our masts to your premises, we will look to install with fibre cable.

Fibre cable internet – dug into the ground and has to come all the way to your premises to ensure superfast speeds. Has more internet capacity than you could ever need!

Wireless internet – an antenae on your premises receives signal from a nearby mast. Superfast broadband to your premises in a flash!

How we install

We aim to get you connected within two weeks in 4 easy steps (and we do it all for you):

  1. Our friendly engineers will come to do a site survey where they check what type of connection is best for your requirements (fibre or wireless)
  2. Wurzel provide you with a quotation for the installation and the internet speeds you need
  3. We install the equipment you need to receive internet (internet router, Wifi device, antenae or FTTP)
  4. Connection to the Wurzel high speed network established and configured

Any fibre we supply will be FTTP (fibre to the premises) not FTTC (where many big suppliers provide only fibre to the local cabinet…and then copper wire to your premises!)

N.b. if you’re developing a house, you can save £1000s by designing a home network during the build process. This cuts out the need for expensive retro-fitting.

Where do we cover?

Wurzel supplies broadband to properties in the following areas:


We’re growing fast and welcome suggestions for new areas to help get people and businesses on to superfast broadband

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