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Smart Home

Smart technology in our homes is transforming 
the way we live for the better. 
More and more devices are becoming smart and 
require an internet connection.

A smart home will bring you enhanced living experiences 
while saving you money and time.

Smart Heating

Smart heating not only creates exceptional comfort but it also saves money and energy. Allow your heating to intelligently recognise your location and set the heating accordingly.

Get cosy with SMART heating and enjoy the comfort and savings it brings. Speak to Wurzel.

Smart Lighting

There is only one substitute for beautiful lighting. SMART, beautiful lighting. 
Rooms that light up then dim as you sit down, pathways that illuminate after each step and full control of all your lighting from your phone.

See the benefits of SMART lighting in your home. Give us a call to find out more.

Voice Activated Controls

There’s a number of devices out there that will act on what you say…think Alexa, Siri, Echo and others. 
Through a SMART connection you can control all your devices and applications (such as TVs, lights, sounds) through your own voice, with out even touching a screen.

Connected home devices activated by voice is THE pinnacle of SMART living. Find out how you can achieve this.

Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are more than a just frill of a connected home – they can help to heat, cool and shade your home. 
Another clever piece of SMART technology means your blinds will lower when you switch the TV on to stop glare, or open that beautiful view as you wake up.

They can also be extremely useful in protecting certain types of furnishings or art from damaging sunlight.

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