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Audio Visual

A beautiful ambiance in your home can be perfected by excellent audio and visuals. You can bring the cinema to your home or take your favourite music to any room you choose.

Get your popcorn ready for a brilliant audio-visual experience in your home.

Multi-room sound

Better speaker technology has made the luxury of having high quality sound synchronised throughout your home an option for everyone.
With no need for endless wire trails, and speakers that communicate with each other, you’re media can move with you as you move from room to room.

Home cinema

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating the perfect set-up for watching movies and live sport at home then look no further.
Wurzel can take care of the complete installation of home cinema solutions, including audio, visual and lighting to turn your room in to a brilliant home cinema.

Surround sound

So much of creating the perfect home cinema set-up comes down to sound.
However there are many areas to consider when creating the perfect surround sound, including speaker quality, location, acoustics and more.
It’s crucial that all the components of a great surround sound system are correctly configured in order to give you that awesome experience.

Smart TV installation

Match your smart TV with a slick installation and configuration.
This means wall mounting with no visible wires and a hard wire internet connection guaranteeing you outstanding quality and performance of your smart TV.


The incredible screen size afforded by projectors makes you feel like you’re actually at the movies.
The installation of a projector requires expertise in order to safely secure it to the ceiling and hide any wiring required to connect it to the media centre.
If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in home visuals then installing a projector takes you to the next level!

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